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This page was last updated: 31 May, 2012
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Politics Alabama offers special features to its visitors, some permanent features, some semi-regular features, and some one-time features.  These can include reader contributed opinion pieces on news articles, op-ed pieces from regular contributors on important issues, fair & balanced news articles the way the newspapers should have written them, and much more.  Below is a listing of our current offerings.

Issues & Opinions
This feature contains op-ed and opinion pieces on various subjects of political interest to Alabamans.  Where possible, articles will be offered representing opposing views on subjects.

News As It Should Be Written
Many times, news articles written on a subject only offer one side of the facts, or highlight claims from a politcian without bothering to point out that the facts don't support his claim.  Once a week, this feature highlights one such article, points out its faults, and offers a rewritten version of the story that is more balanced.

Satire & Humor
Humor is always a good thing.  This feature will offer satirical writings and, we sincerely hope, political cartoons in the near future.