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This page was last updated: 31 May, 2012
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This page is inteded to be a collection of information on different aspects of state government.  In all cases, the information provided here is collected by other organizations and, where possible, linked here for easy access. 
State Budget Facts
Total spending figures are provided on this page dating back to 1997.  Links are provided to view both the General Fund and Education Trust Fund budgets for the same years.  The information is provided by the Alabama Department of Finance, Executive Budget Office.

State Government Facts
This page contains information from Governing Magazine's State and Local Source Book.  It is updated once per year, as the new information is released by Governing Magazine.  It contains information on many apsects of government performance, and ranks Alabama in comparison to other states.

Alabama School Facts
This page contains links to the Alabama Department of Education's yearly Report Cards, as well as tables containg the data year-by-year for easy comparison of changes over time.

State Crime Facts
This page contains links to FBI Uniform Crime Reports, as well as summary tables showing crime rates over time in Alabama.

Alabama Legislature - Unelected Legislators
This page contains a list of the many legislators who were elected in 2006 without an opponent in their general election, along with the number of terms these legislators have served without having such an opponent.  This information is relevant, as a representative republic only works if the voters actually have two or more people to choose from to be their elected legislator.