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This page was last updated: 31 May, 2012
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Mission Statement
Politics Alabama was established in December, 2004 to provide a central repository for political facts and opinion within the state, focusing mainly on state-level issues and politics.    We offer clearly separated facts from opinions, and seek to offer opinions from every area of the political spectrum.  We also welcome reader participation in the form of political opinion piece submissions.

Opinion Submissions
Politics Alabama is not intended to be a forum for the expression of conservative, liberal, or libertarian ideas and opinions, it is intended to be a place where ideas can be expressed side by side with conflicting opinions, thus allowing each to be judged on its own merits.  We hope you will help us in making this site fullfill it's potential.

We encourage readers to submit opinions on issues, legislative bills, or any other political topic to be published on this site (click here).  If it is well written, we will post it regardless of the opinion expressed.  We do reserve the right to post or not post any submissions we deem unworthy of publication, but we will not refuse simply because of the viewpoint or opinion expressed.  If a submission is edited prior to publication, a note will be made on the page.

Who's Who
Politics Alabama was conceived and implemented by Matthew Givens.  Matthew lives in Montgomery and has been politically active in recent years.  He is a past Vice-Chairman of the Alabama Libertarian Party, a past candidate for Public Service Commission and the Montgomery City Council, and is a long-time activist on issues of taxation and spending.  His email address is PoliticsAlabama@Hotmail.com.

Contributing Writers
Cindy Wright, Montgomery       Alapat1@aol.com