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Politics Alabama was created in December 2004, and is intended to be a clearing house for political information in the state.  Here you can find archived information on relevant state topics such as budgets, school performance, and crime rates.  Over time, we also hope to feature polls and topic-specific columns from activists and insiders around the state.  As you explore, we hope that you find this site and its contents useful and informative.

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State Motto: "We Dare Defend Our Rights"
Much information can be obtained through the state's own websites.  Listed below are a few of the more immediately useful websites that can be accessed.

Official State Government Website

Alabama Legislature

Legislative Fiscal Office

Executive Budget Office

US Census Bureau: Alabama
The Great Seal of Alabama
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Alabama Capitol Building
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What path to economic stimulus do you support for President Obama and Congress?  (Choose all that apply)
Raise taxes
Lower taxes
Increase defecit spending
Cut defecit spending
Pass billions/trillions in stimulus spending
Nationalize failing industries
Bail-Out troubled companies
Leave businesses alone to cope
Do Nothing

How should Alabama respond to the economic crisis?
Cut spending to stay within budget
Increase taxes
Don't know/Not sure